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CAP Institute was founded in 2015 by Prof. Elfriede Dreyer with the view to fill a gap in the art education market, namely to provide quality art tuition to those who cannot afford formal art education at a tertiary institution; to those seeking to gain selected knowledge or skills in a specific field but not wanting to complete a whole qualification; and to those who have been producing art but have not optimised their talent and skills or do not know how to access exhibition venues or the art market.

The content of the tuition is based on a tertiary model of art tuition. The workshops always contain art practice, art theory and art history, and are aimed at cultivating a deep understanding of the relationship between these entities. There is strong emphasis on gaining knowledge and understanding of contemporary art practices as well as conceptual and critical thinking. In this sense the workshops as well as the online short courses are unique in character by following a model of intertextuality and intermediality.

CAP Institute offers workshops in several provinces in South Africa, as well as online tuition through short courses.

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Course content is based on  an open university model of teaching visual arts


The course content integrates art practice, art theory, history of art and professional art practice.


Elfriede Dreyer


Certificates are issued on completion of the Certificate and each Short Course that reflects the content of the course as well as the CPD hours completed

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