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  • Once your application is approved you will need to pay the deposit ($2000.00 Euro) to secure your place. Banking details will be on your invoice. Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to a future Seminar.

  • Application turnaround time is about 3 days. If you have not heard from us, you are welcome to follow up via mail:

  • Final outstanding balance to be paid 30 days before the starting date of your Seminar. Should you cancel your trip 30 days or less before arrival, the final payment is not refundable but is transferable to future Seminars.



  • Flights are not included in the Seminar fees, but we can recommend a travel agent in South Africa to handle your bookings. Contact us if you want to make use of this.

  • Fly from your country of origin to Johannesburg OR Oliver Tambo International Airport in South Africa, Johannesburg. Take a connecting flight to Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (KMIA) – quickest option after a long flight.  Airport website.

  • Should you need to stay over in Johannesburg, please stay close to the airport and use a Shuttle service provided by the hotel. Be aware of whom you use for transport in order to travel efficiently and safely. City Lodge Hotel at O.R. International Airport. We advise you to handle your own luggage, be firm and say no to other services.

  • Provide us your arrival times so that we can fetch you from KMIA.

  • Please travel lightly with cabin luggage only as we don’t have space in our bus for large pieces of luggage. We do your laundry before we go to Cape Town.

  • We have a high rate of petty crime, so please look after your valuables all times. Always keep an eye on your bags, don’t leave anything laying around and keep cash, phones, cameras on your person, not in plain view.

  • We provide internet at the accommodation.



  • We prepare vegetarian food with meat on the side.

  • You’ll be arriving in our autumn or winter season. Days are warm but evenings and mornings can be very cold. We suggest that you plan to dress in layers and bring a warm jacket/coat.

  • You’ll be staying at Ngongoni Lodge. We are located on a specialist game farm in a rural area. Due to busy Seminar  schedules, limited vehicles and our location, we can’t just ‘nip into town’. We do NOT recommend/nor accommodate visits to bars/clubs in the evenings. All evening activities are based on the farm.

  • We advise that you pay a visit to their doctor and get a broad-spectrum antibiotic for just in case. Also get a pro-biotic for your tummy.

  • We do not require any vaccinations for your visit but check with your doctor as to what your home country requirements are for re-entry. For more info regarding COVID and South Africa please follow this link:

  • The lodge is not located in a Malaria area. You will be entering areas with Malaria but a good mosquito repellent is the best defense. We do not take Malaria medication ourselves. For more info please visit this site. Be aware of the medication you take – it is not always necessary and the side effects may prevent you from having the best experience on the course.


South Africa

  • Please Note: You will be attending the Seminar in South Africa, a country in Africa, and NOT Southern Africa which refers to a region of the continent of Africa. South Africa is a well-developed country, with very good infrastructure. This also means that we are not affected by most of the issues you might encounter on the media regarding Africa. There are no wild animals running around in our streets. Wild animals are encountered in wildlife areas/parks/farms/sanctuaries, and on our farm in fenced areas.

  • Our currency is Rand (ZAR). Check out the latest exchange rate here. Most stores accept Mastercard and Visa. There are ATM’s everywhere. 

  • We have 11 official languages in South Africa. Swahili is not one of them.

  • During the Workshop you are in our care and we make every effort to ensure your safety and wellbeing. Please do not arrange private trips with friends or other operators during the Workshop. No one is permitted to leave the group during the Workshop with any person that does NOT work for us.


Your Stay

  • We provide shared, good accommodation at the Ngongoni Lodge and in the Cape.

  • If we have time in the afternoons, we will take you up onto one of the hilltops on the farm, for a sundowner in the bush.

  • Bring enough clothes for 7 days – we will then take your clothes to a laundromat to be washed.

  • We have credit card facilities at the Lodge. We accept only Mastercard and Visa.


Course content is based on  an open university model of teaching visual arts


The course content integrates art practice, art theory, history of art and professional art practice.


Elfriede Dreyer


Certificates are issued on completion of the Certificate and each Short Course that reflects the content of the course as well as the CPD hours completed

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