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Gallery at Glen Carlou

Snoops & Treks


Artist Workshop with Professor Elfriede Dreyer

14 – 18 December 2020

Gallery @ Glen Carlou

Exhibition of work up until 24 January 2021

About Elfriede Dreyer

Workshop Theme

‘New normal’ is a term we have lately become accustomed to. What does it mean? Getting out of our ‘boxes’ of daily normalcy? What is normal? Living our lives in our ‘boxes’ we occupy specific spaces containing operating systems and structures we create ourselves and consistently default to. We feel safe and comfortable there. Until some brutal unexpected (or planned) event shoves us out.

In a different way this is often applicable to artists too. In this workshop, Snoops & Treks, we will consider what is normal for an artist; which are the ‘conventions’; the easy solutions; and the traps artists fall into. You will be introduced to artist ‘snooping’ and we will explore and find inventive ways of thinking, processes and techniques. You will also be guided into ‘trekking’ to become a flâneur and journey away from your ‘box’. The workshop aims to rekindle creativity in thinking and doing, and to find new opportunities in a world outside the boundaries of our ‘boxes’. We will distinguish between fly-by-night artistic practice and a professional art practice driven by meaningfulness, intention and enduring purpose.

During the workshop Prof. Dreyer will teach you how to become a snoop and a trekker: essential coping and production skills for any artist. Some of the questions we will deal with are: What are the advantages and limits of being a curious traveller?  What are your proposed destinations and goals? There will be focus on each workshop participant’s individual art production, techniques and thought processes. Advanced experimental thinking and creativity will be cultivated and developed. Each participant will produce at least one new artwork during the workshop.

Workshop Programme

The programme entails a four-day workshop to be held at the Gallery at Glen Carlou, from Monday 14 to Thursday 17 December.  During the course of the workshop, works will be identified for exhibition, to be installed on the 18th (Friday morning), and opening at 12:00. 

Exhibition works will be selected and curated by Christa Swart, the Glen Carlou Gallery curator, and Elfriede Dreyer. The exhibition will close on 24 January 2021. 

Day Programme

Every day from 09h00 to 16h00.

Lunch break every day from 12:00 – 13:00.

Monday 14 Dec (Day 1):

Introduction and getting acquainted.

Presentation of Artists Boxes

Creativity methodologies

Tuesday 15 Dec (Day 2):

Snooping Practice

Presentation of Treks

Starting new artwork in any water-based/quick drying medium

Wednesday (Day 3):

Continuing artwork


Thursday (Day 4):

Continuing artwork


Friday (Day 5):

Setting up the exhibition at 8:30

Presentation techniques and methodologies; labels

Opening of exhibition at 12:00 noon.

Work will be presented unframed.

All artworks selected for exhibition are to be presented for sale.

Pricing will be agreed upon between the artist and the Gallery at Glen Carlou.



R3500-00 inclusive of a lunch every day and exhibition costs.


Places are limited and will be booked on a first-come-first-served basis.

Contact Christa Swart at to book your spot.

Additional notes


The Estate is centrally located between Stellenbosch and Paarl so accommodation could be arranged in Paarl, Stellenbosch, Durbanville or another nearby venue. Rooms booked through Airbnb are usually very reasonable.


From Monday to Thursday we will workshop from 9am to 4pm and you will receive a special estate lunch on these days. Drinks are for your own account so also please bring some water and other drinks you prefer with.


Friday is still part of the workshop when we will consider exhibition installation practice, discuss issues particular to the specific exhibition, and install work together with the Glen Carlou Gallery team. The opening of the exhibition will be at 2 pm that afternoon. You will thus be free to lunch there or somewhere else, or the group can go somewhere together. Or, if we don’t finish soon enough, there will be no lunch!


Covid-19: Please bring your own masks and hand sanitiser, although the Gallery has sanitising arrangements in place.


Bring old clothes for the first few days and something nicer for Friday.


The exhibition will be on show until 24 January 2021 after which unsold works could be collected or delivery could be arranged with the Gallery. Keep in mind that Gallery commission will be added to the prices of the works.

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