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--Dearest Elfriede. I just want to say how grateful I am to u. The workshops I have done with u over the last two years have proven to be a lifeline. I am just writing to friends in Germany, reflecting on the last two years. To sum it up metaphorically, I was adrift, like someone whose ship had been scuttled, trying to keep myself from sinking below the waves. Art provided the flotsam I clung to, products that came out of workshops with u. And now, I think, a bit more, a lifeboat, a little dingy. I am so thrilled to have taken my bread work a bit further as the messages contained continually consume me and require expression, externalisation. To have done this in the space of a mere four days makes me dizzy with embarrassment and joy - not sure what words really apply. [Erika]


-- Baie baie dankie vir jou ondersteuning, jou skerp vinnige brein, d manier waarop jy gedagtes uitpak en weer saam voeg! Dit is al rede hoekom ek gewen het! Dankie Elfriede.  [Susan Roux]

Congratulations Susan Roux the 2020 John Stringer Prize winner!!!

Some of the judges comments:
As a selection of works the impact is fantastic. Dark, moody and creative.
Texturally brilliant.
Unique skill set.
A challenging and overwhelming work.
Original and dramatic.
Just wonderous scale and feelings exposed somehow – not particularly happy but deeply felt.
These works take me further from all angles.
Love the textures and the poem of explanation.

-- Humungus thx for all your encouragement , fantastic tutorship and incredible hard work- [Simone]

-- Elfriede is patient, understanding and her crits are always uplifting and enlightening. I’m privileged to be part of this CAP group [Berdine]

--Thank you Elfriede for this super opportunity. Your crit very much appreciated. Your comments always encouraging. Wow now I’m excited. Every comment a learning curve

--You are such an inspiration 😀- so innovative and energetic !!

--Thank you Elfriede for the helpful assessment and inspiration with the Workshop. It has inspired me and given me hope.


--Thank you for everything dear Elfriede. It was a wonderful course and challenging experience. It was great to see all the different work and how each artist approached the different exercises. Thank you for the feedback report. Very helpful. 

-- Well done to Elfriede for all the encouragement and for creating new possibilities. You are an inspiration [Inge]

-- Credit must go to Elfriede for the path she sets us on!! Thank you, Elfriede, for being such an insightful and competent mentor! [Corrie]

--Such inspiration from everyone. The crit is incredibly helpful. It was a wonderful exercise and I really look forward to more. Thank you for your time and incredible loving inspiration Elfriede

--Your lesson on putting an exhibition together is so insightful, Elfriede. I'll certainly walk through exhibitions in a more literate way!

--Thank you Elfriede 🤗 Ever the voice of reason, we are so incredibly lucky to have you to guide and encourage us

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