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Short Courses and Certificate Programme 

Expert online professional training

for emerging and established artists

  • 20 modules

  • 16 assignments

  • 4 short courses

  • Certificate

  • Personal assessment of artworks and feedback on assignments by Dr. Elfriede Dreyer

Since its foundation in 2020, the online leg of CAP has developed exponentially with more than 50 students currently registered for online courses. The Short Courses and Certificate are suitable for artists, art lovers or collectors who want to know more about art, its practices, theories, histories and concepts. The content is dense and includes a variety of topics. It provides training in conceptual and creative development; basic and advanced art practice; art theory and history; and professional exhibition practice. Courses are interactive and include text, notes, video and online resources. Although the courses cover an interface of Western and African theory and history, there is strong focus on contemporary African artists, thus an engagement with African Modernism. 

The CAP study material was developed by Prof. Elfriede Dreyer, a well-known South African academic, mentor, artist and curator. The content of the learning programme is grounded in her 30+ years experience as a professional artist; as a Professor of art which involved writing course material for university students and developing new university degrees; as an academic developer of course material with education authorities; and as a curator, founding and running a successful contemporary gallery for 10 years and curating exhibitions nationally and internationally at reputable galleries and museums.

  • All levels of artists are welcome, from beginner to postgraduate. 

  • You complete courses in your own time online and at home.

Online CAP Short Courses

Short courses
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The Art Practice Basic Short Course includes ​FIVE modules and  ONE Zoom crit on 3 of your artworks with Dr. Elfriede Dreyer. There is an assignment in each of the Modules, but they are not compulsory. You receive a personal assessment on TWO Assignments in this Short Course.