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Professional Art Consultation


Book a professional art consultation with Prof. Elfriede Dreyer on your own art practice; obtain exhibition advice; conceptual direction; or marketing advice. Consultation and support for undergraduate or postgraduate students in Visual Arts and Art History.

My expertise as a mentor with over 35 years experience is based on personal one-on-one consulting. For an Online zoom meeting, send images of not more than 4 artworks to at least 2 hours before the online meeting or whatsapp her. Other works can be shown during the meeting.

Physical consultationBring 4 works to the physical meeting at my home in Pretoria. Time and date to be arranged at


Read more about Elfriede Dreyer.


Course content is based on  an open university model of teaching visual arts


The course content integrates art practice, art theory, history of art and professional art practice.



Certificates are issued on completion of the Certificate and each Short Course that reflects the content of the course as well as the CPD hours completed

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