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This module falls into three parts: In Part 1 we consider layering techniques in paint and how to avoid a 'muddy' look in painting. In Part 2 we look at the use and purpose of layers of the same media and materials. In Part 3 we consider multi-layering with different materials, stacking and the use of transparent layers.




Target Audience: Artists who want to deepen the content of their work and produce a 'fuller' and richer composition by using techniques such as cutting through, layers of see-through and others.




The Art Practice Advanced Short Course includes ​FIVE Modules. There is an Assignment for every Module but they are not compulsory. 




Recognition: Certificate of Completion on completion of all 5 modules in this Short Course plus the assignments.




Course Duration:  It is difficult to determine how long it will take you to complete the course. This Module also has an assignment to complete, which takes a variable amount on time. There is much experimentation included in this Module.




Language: English



2.4 CAP Module in Multi-layering, R600

  • What you will learn:

    How and why to use layering in your art

    The conceptual content inherent in layering

    How to layer in painting without compromising imagery and colours.

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