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Save R1200 when you enrol for the Certificate at R8400. The Certificate consists of all four Short Courses (Basic, Advanced, Applied Art History and Professional Art Practice) which together retails at R9600.   


The Certificate offers  professional training in contemporary art practice. It is aimed at the development of conceptual, creative and professional abilities in contemporary art practice. It comprises a combination of Art Practice, Professional Skills and Applied Art History.




The curriculum comprises 20 modules and 7 compulsory Assignments. The Modules are: Colour; Composition; Perspective; Markmaking; Space; Chance; Found Materials; Anatomy of a Concept; Multi-layering; Photomontage; Art & Body; Art & Land; Deconstruction; Expressing the Self; Writing About Art; Art Presentation; The Art Proposal; Exhibition Installation Techniques; Exhibition Design Principles; Captions and Titles.




There is an Assignment for every module. For the awarding of a Certificate of Completion you have to complete any seven assignments.


CAP Certificate in Contemporary Art Practice, R8400 – save R1200

    • In total there are TWENTY modules and SEVEN assignments. Some assignments are smaller than others. You will receive a report on every assignment. You also receive a crit on 4 of your own artworks by Dr Elfriede Dreyer.

    • On completion you will receive a non-accredited CAP Certificate in Contemporary Practice issued and verified by Dr. Elfriede Dreyer.

    • After registration you will receive a link to the study material which you have to work through. 

    • Several web links are included; please visit these and read through in order to maximise your learning experience.

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