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26 September 2020

Lombardy Estate



The workshop is theory and practice based. It entails both looking at the classic conventions in art, that is, revisiting the fundamental formal language of art. We will look at classic methodologies such as grisaille, verdaccio, egg tempera and story art, and at examples of how contemporary artists are breaking the ‘rules’.  The workshop will assist you in understanding when and why a work is considered as 'good' or successful, even when all the ‘rules’ have been broken. There is emphasis on when and why an idea or concept 'works'. 

The workshop includes PowerPoint presentations on how the topic of the workshop finds application in examples of local and international artwork. Concise theoretical and art historical background is provided.

On confirmation of attendance more info on the preparation for the workshop will be provided.



CAP Pretoria Workshop - The formal language of art and Beyond, R600

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